Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Dragnet calling? Congratulations that you just received that text message from DRAGNET. I know the next question in your mind is what does DRAGNET QUESTIONS LOOK LIKE or where can you FIND DRAGNET PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. You may even be looking for DRAGNET STUDY PACK... Don't worry, finding this blog alone is 20% work done on your path to success and taking actions will give you the remaining 80%.
I know you may have seen many people claiming to have DRAGNET PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, If you are a critique the next question should be has this person really done the exam before?
Many haven't but I have and let me start by telling you that I passed DRAGNET EXAM the very first time I wrote it,YES! I am not trying to make mouth here; I wrote the exam for Flour mills of Nigeria organized by DRAGNET in June 2012 and I passed very well. I remember the feeling very well when I got that text and all that followed Like where to lay my hands on DRAGNET PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. 


Dragnet test format: The test consists of 3 parts viz Numerical,Combined Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.
Numerical will test your graphical interpretation skills,your basic mathematics i.e. percentages,ratios,multiplication,addition, BODMAS.
Combined Reasoning would throw 5 comprehension passages at you,each with 4 questions.You would need to choose two correct answers from 4 answer choices.
The abstract part is just shapes interpretation. this part is very simple.it's basic stuff.


After extensive research for about a week, I compiled  some materials some of which I paid for... YES I paid for past questions and answers and some of which were absolutely free.

I will tell you authoritatively that DRAGNET EXAM is all about accuracy and speed as all candidates will pass if given enough time, that's why you need a lot of practice questions. you also need to boost your confidence before the examination day to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

I know you might  have heard different stories about someone failing just a section and getting disqualified, or someone who just had a poor result in especially the verbal part. YES failing just a part of the exam can disqualify you.

PASSING DRAGNET EXAM is not also by you making a first class or second class upper degree from any glorious university from any part of the world, It is simply by PRACTICING PAST QUESTIONS

Over the years DRAGNET picks questions from over the net as they do not set their own questions, they copy these questions from some sources.

Over 95% of the candidates who fail dragnet’s tests did not do enough practice - Don't be one of them!


 I have a 424 page book specifically written prepared for graduate level candidates who need to prepare for tests by Dragnet or Oil and gas firms, this 424 page eBook includes everything you need to prepare for Numerical, Verbal, Abstract, Diagrammatic and Spatial reasoning tests as well as essential information on how to pass personality tests and Assessment centre exercises.

This book is the “holy grail” for passing Dragnet’s test as it covers all the aspects that you will be tested on. Questions have been set from this book in the past and so will it always be. If you can practice questions from this book and master them, then you are sure of getting at least 75% in dragnet tests.

-  I will also give you a website where you can take a pre-test online to master your speed and accuracy (this  really helped me as I knew what part I tend to use more time and the least, so I had already planed my time before entering the exam hall.)

Pay the sum of one thousand naira only (#1,000) into any of the banks below: